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Schwan celebrates 5th decade with a new logo

For its 50th anniversary, in 2010, House of Schwan is getting a new logo. "We thought the timing was really appropriate to celebrate our 50th with a new, fresh look," says Pam Irish , special events director.

The new look makes a lot more sense for what the company is today, she says.

"Our current logo emphasizes the fact that we sell beer, and we're much more than that these days."

When Barney Schwan started the company in 1960, he sold Budweiser , Michelob and Busch Bavarian .

Now, House of Schwan — led by Schwan's son, Barry —sells more than 600 varieties of beverages.

Irish says Anheuser-Busch products "certainly are our bread and butter and probably will be forever."

They still comprise 93 percent of House of Schwan's business. But now, in addition to a variety of beer, the company sells juice, milk, tea, energy drinks and cocktail mixers.

The new logo, which Howerton and White designed, features a variety of differently shaped bottles. The old logo featured one frosty beer mug.

"We've changed so much, obviously, in 50 years," Irish says. "We hope our new logo reflects that."

Sky's the limit

She didn't take off or land —"It being my first lesson and all" — but Rose Pelton took possession of her new SkyCatcher on Dec. 18.

The wife of Cessna Aircraft CEO Jack Pelton says she's honored to be the owner of the first SkyCatcher off the line.

"She's flying great," Rose Pelton says of the plane.

"Yingling (Aviation ) did a very nice job of making it a very special day for me," she says. When Pelton first saw the plane, "It had this huge bow on it."

She calls herself an "absolutely" satisfied customer.

Her husband has a bit of a complaint, though.

"My life is now being scheduled around her flight training," he wrote on her Facebook page.

Pelton wasn't nervous flying that first day like she thought she would be.

"It was just all the excitement of the day," she says.

She was exhausted by the end, though.

"I mean mentally and physically exhausted."

John and Martha King , owners of King Schools , through which Pelton is taking online flying courses, surprised her by showing up for the SkyCatcher delivery.

"That was really cool," Pelton says.

She has considered naming her plane Rosebud .

"I asked Jack, and he said, 'No, people don't name their airplanes, Rose.' "

Her friends all have the same word to describe her SkyCatcher.

"It's just so cute," they keep saying.

That's not her husband's favorite word for the plane.

"I'll tell you what he 'fessed up," Pelton says. "If it will sell airplanes, you can call it cute as much as you want."

You don't say

"My wife always says I live in a cartoon world, so this is perfect."

Jesse Huxman of KPTS , which celebrates its 40th anniversary on Jan. 5, on how he'll be partying with Big Bird , Curious George and Clifford