Carrie Rengers

Art Park's looking for business tenants

If you have a business that's related to art and you're looking for new space, Charles Baughman would like to hear from you.

Baughman and his wife, Kate Pepper , have the Art Park on 29th Street between Woodlawn and Rock.

It's where their Monart School of Art is located along with several other businesses that Baughman says coexist nicely.

When parents drop off their kids for art school, they can stop in for massage or yoga in the Art Park or go shopping nearby.

"It's really been pretty great," Baughman says. "They're able to do some other things."

He's looking to lease about 2,000 square feet where a wedding chapel used to be. Baughman says it still looks a little like a chapel and has high ceilings.

He particularly would like to see a business related to music or dance in the space, but he says a personal trainer or accountant would be great, too.

"We've got a pretty built-in clientele with about 1,000 families who come here throughout the year," Baughman says.

He also has a smaller space to lease that's about 120 square feet.

Though Baughman would like to have businesses that go well with the center, they don't have to be related to art.

"I'm happy to do whatever."

Back in Towne

Luai Mohamed is returning to Towne East Square with a new restaurant.

Mohamed previously had Greek Plus in the Food Court from 1998 to 2001.

Now, he's opening Sasa , a cafe with gyros, wraps, sandwiches and salads, in the former Great American Cookie space. That's not in the Food Court.

"It's a challenge that I'll have to deal with," Mohamed says.

The restaurant, which is named after his son's nickname, will open sometime between mid December and Jan. 1.

Holiday trimming

The Taco Shop near Central and Oliver has closed.

Its last day in business was the day before Thanksgiving.

"It's more or less what we call trimming the fat," says a Taco Shop manager who prefers not to be named.

"Business is booming, but that one simply did not have enough business ... to warrant us keeping it open."

You don't say

"It's going to be tough to say no to some of them."

John Rhoden of Rhoden Roofing , who had a good year this year thanks to July's hail storm and is going to give away a free roof to one family in need this Christmas (see if you'd like to be among those Rhoden considers)