Fidelity Bank rolls out smartphone-triggered ATM withdraw option

Getting cash from an automated teller machine just got easier for Fidelity Bank customers.

As of Monday evening, the bank’s customers can now withdraw money from ATMs using only their smartphone – no card necessary.

Instead of fumbling for their debit or credit card, “cardless cash” transactions have a target completion time of about 10 seconds, said Shane Schoonover, a senior vice president and retail operations manager with the bank.

“Our utmost priority is our customers’ security,” Schoonover said. “Cardless cash provides convenience while not exposing card numbers and (personal identification numbers) to potential theft.”

To take advantage of the feature, bank customers need to have Fidelity’s mobile app downloaded on their smartphone. Fidelity spokeswoman Katie Grover said the customers who had the app on their phone before Monday won’t need to re-download it.

All of the bank’s 19 ATMs in Wichita now sport the smartphone feature. Grover said Fidelity is the first bank in Wichita to offer the service.

“In banking, you have to invest in technology,” Schoonover said in a news release. “Our customers demand and deserve the capability to bank how they want.”

No information from a customer’s debit card is stored on their mobile device, according to Fidelity. Instead, the act of scanning a quick response – or QR – code at the ATM gives the machine permission to release the customer’s requested funds.