Airport Authority approves lease with Southwest for airport space

The Wichita Airport Authority approved a lease agreement with Southwest Airlines Tuesday for space at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

On Feb. 5, members of the airport authority approved a supplemental agreement for AirTran Airways to recognize the merger between it and Southwest that allowed AirTran to transfer leased space to Southwest.

Southwest began business in Wichita on Sunday with flights to Dallas, Chicago and Las Vegas.

The new agreement allows Southwest to operate at the airport and assume all of the leased space previously rented to AirTran in the terminal building.

The new lease began June 2.

The 2013 revenue from the space is estimated at $261,800. Landing fee revenue from Southwest is expected to increase by about $319,000 to $632,100 a year. That’s because Southwest is flying larger aircraft, Boeing 737s, than did AirTran and providing more flights per day.

Southwest’s lease includes 3,304 square feet of space at the terminal building.

The Wichita City Council also serves as the Wichita Airport Authority.