Boeing: Flight testing done for Rolls Royce 787

EVERETT, Wash. — Boeing says it has completed flight testing for the 787 Dreamliner with Rolls Royce engines.

The final tests occurred on a flight Saturday from Billings, Mont., to Everett when a 14-person crew ran emergency simulations.

Boeing is preparing to make the first delivery of a 787 in September, nearly three years late. Flight testing continues for 787s with GE engines.

Boeing has orders for more than 800 of the aircraft from 55 customers. The 787-8 will carry up to 250 passengers on routes of up to 9,400 miles.

In more than 1,700 flights, Boeing says pilots have put the plane through hundreds of stalls, dragged the tail on takeoff and landed in fierce cross winds. They've aborted takeoffs and started the engines in a hangar cooled to 45 degrees.