Boeing to shift some jobs to publication center in Fla.

Boeing's Defense, Space and Security division plans to open a technical publications organization in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., and move jobs to the new location.

It's not yet known how the change will impact the 700 employees who work in technical publications for Boeing's defense business, including the 140 to 150 who work in Wichita, said Boeing Wichita spokesman Jarrod Bartlett.

"We're trying to figure out exactly how the transition is going to take place and what the strategies are for moving those capabilities into that location," Bartlett said.

Until the transition is complete, it's unclear how many people will be offered relocation to the new center, he said.

Decisions will be finalized sometime next year with the site scheduled to open in 2012, he said.

The move will cut costs, Bartlett said.

"It really is about changing the way we do business, to change our competitiveness, reduce costs and provide value to our customers," Bartlett said.

Boeing's technical writers put together the manuals that go with an aircraft when it's delivered.

Changes must be made to the manuals as modifications or changes are made to an aircraft.

"That's what a lot of folks do here in Wichita," Bartlett said, since Boeing Wichita performs modifications and upgrades.

Those in Wichita who are working on development programs would likely remain located by the program, Bartlett said.

"So that's part of the transition piece they're trying to figure out — who's on a development program and does it make sense to keep this group of employees co-located with the aircraft or have them located in the most cost-effective place, which is the capability center," he said.