Wichita tech company SNT Media to add 100 jobs

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SNT Media plans to hire 100 people for its Wichita operation before June 2017 (Bryan Horwath/The Wichita Eagle/May 2016)
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SNT Media plans to hire 100 people for its Wichita operation before June 2017 (Bryan Horwath/The Wichita Eagle/May 2016)

A Wichita tech company plans to add 100 jobs in the next year.

SNT Media, a 5-year-old company that moved here from California in 2015, expects to more than double its 80-employee workforce in the next 12 months.

Tonya Witherspoon, a spokeswoman for the company, said Wednesday that SNT would like to have more than half of the targeted new workers on board by the end of the year.

The online content company’s operation is housed on the 10th floor of the High Touch building downtown. SNT is also renovating space on the fourth and fifth floors of the building to make room for the new talent.

SNT Media plans to hire 100 people for its Wichita operation before June 2017 (Bryan Horwath/The Wichita Eagle/May 2016)

“We are solidly operationalizing here in Wichita,” Witherspoon said. “We could have another office in New York and another office in (Los Angeles) easily, but we are choosing to be here.

“This is the place where we want to be.”

SNT brands itself as an advanced digital publishing platform, working to develop products that carry financial, sports and real estate content aggregated from thousands of data sources. SNT partners with some of the largest media companies in the U.S., the company said.

This week alone, representatives from two of the largest media companies in the country were at the company’s Wichita headquarters.


Witherspoon said about 80 of the new hires are expected to be software developers and programmers. The company will mostly look for senior-level candidates, Witherspoon said.

“SNT is going from being a start-up to becoming a bigger company,” Witherspoon said. “There are lots of people in Wichita who have been developing internal software tool sets with other companies, like Spirit (AeroSystems) or Coleman.

“We’re not just looking for people with programming skills, we’re also looking for people who might have technical managerial or quality control experience. We’re staying in Wichita because there are talented people here.”

To quantify its rapid growth of late, the company’s chief financial officer, Massimo Messina, said SNT’s revenue for this month alone is expected to eclipse its total from the entire first quarter of 2016.

With its space on the High Touch building’s fourth and fifth floors, SNT will nearly triple its square footage. The company has about 7,200 square feet of space on the 10th floor and will add 9,800 square feet of real estate on each of its two new floors.

On Wednesday, employees dined in the company’s cafeteria area on the 10th floor, complete with coolers of complimentary beverages and shelves of snacks. Employees worked in front of computer screens in modernized work clusters.

SNT even features a room where employees can play video games, which is not to be confused with the “chill room” down the hall.

“We don’t just have food and nice couches for the fun of it,” Witherspoon said. “We’re trying to create a creative, very modern vibe where people can speak out and where they are a part of the company.

“Every employee is a stockholder here – every offer letter comes with stock options.”

West Coast meets Midwest

Christine Ridge, SNT’s director of talent, said the company’s culture is a mixture of tech company haste and middle America sensibility.

“We are a fast-paced organization,” Ridge said. “Sometimes we work long hours, but our CEO, Kevin Owens, values spending time with his family, too.

“It’s a mix of California pace and Midwest values. We like it that way, and we think that sets us apart.”

Late last year, Ken Hankins lost his job with the Coleman Co., where he had worked for nearly three decades. Not long after, he landed at SNT as the company’s chief technology officer.

“I wasn’t sure what was going to happen after I was laid off,” Hankins said. “It was exciting to find an opportunity like this right here in Wichita.

“There’s a lot of tech talent here in Wichita, and a lot of that talent is within non-tech companies.”

Ridge said people interested in learning more about SNT’s opportunities can visit

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