Featured business person: Monica Cameron

Monica Cameron

Family lawyer

Cameron loves practicing law, just not the type she thought she would. She earned a law degree from Washburn University with the idea of becoming a prosecutor, then did just that for two years with the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office.

“Once I started doing it, it just wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it was going to be,” said Cameron, who prosecuted traffic, criminal and juvenile cases.

Since 2010, she has specialized in divorce, custody and other family law matters. She also serves as a court-appointed mediator, trying to resolve cases before they reach a courtroom.

“I feel like what I’m doing is really important,” she said. “There are very few things as valuable as your children in your life. I get hugs after court.”

Cameron grew up in Norwich and also earned her bachelor’s degree from Washburn, in political science. She worked as a legal assistant in a family law practice throughout college.

Cameron shares office space on Main Street with attorney Lynnette Herrman, with whom she’d worked in the District Attorney’s Office. The two plan to formally merge their practice on Jan. 1.

“She’s been the person who for years I’ve referred my own family and friends to if I had a conflict or was a case I wasn’t able to do,” Cameron said.

“Right now, we can’t share information or handle each other’s cases. When we merge, we’ll be able to collaborate.”

The future partners plan to add a third attorney as an associate.

Cameron is married and the mother of two small children, which she said absorbs “pretty much all of my time” outside work.

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