Over 2 million pounds of chicken products recalled. You might wind up munching metal

A company that says on its website that it provides “premium chicken products for the foodservice industry” has recalled about 2,071,397 pounds of chicken products because they might have metal.

A statement from Simmons Prepared Foods said, “This issue was discovered through Simmons standard food safety and quality checks.”

Consumer group U.S. PIRG also had a statement on this latest not-food-in-your-food recall.

“The only time I should feel a crunch when I bite into a piece of chicken is when it’s fried,” US PIRG associate Dylan Robb said via email. “We shouldn’t have to worry whether the food we’re eating contains inedible and potentially harmful materials.

“Simmons Prepared Foods, Inc. is taking the correct action by initiating this recall. However, this contaminated food never should have made it to stores,” Robb’s email continued. “According to the USDA, these products were shipped to institutions in eight states. The agency must conduct better food safety checks to ensure that products contaminated with foreign materials don’t make into our stores or our bodies.”

Ready to cook chicken wings, whole legs, chicken breast meat (with rib meat), whole chickens (without giblets) and chicken breast shells with ribs, no kidneys or sex glands were among the wholesale products recalled. They were shipped to customers in California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Minnesota and Oklahoma.

Consumers with questions can call Simmons’ senior vice president of sales Donald Miller at 888-831-7007.

“Known for our ability to meet demanding specifications and for its business integrity, Simmons supplies customized products to some of the world’s largest retailers and food chains,” the company says on its website.

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