Getting to know Steve Howard, director of brand engagement at RSM Marketing

Steve Howard
Steve Howard Courtesy photo


Director of brand engagement, RSM Marketing

Howard moved to Austin 20 years ago, when its population was similar to that of Wichita today. Now that he’s returned home, he sees some of the same dynamics here that drove the Texas city’s boom.

“I like to say Wichita is in this five-year window of growth,” Howard said.

A Wichita native, Howard graduated from Kapaun Mt. Carmel, then majored in communications at Trinity College in San Antonio.

He worked in a variety of marketing jobs in Austin, specializing in social media and digital marketing for brands such as, musical festivals and film production in Texas as well as Georgia. He returned to Kansas last year.

“I want to bring all that experience in major markets to help businesses in Wichita as well as promote the city itself.”

Howard is a new member of the Tallgrass Film Festival board, enjoys golfing with his father and walking along the Arkansas River. You may have seen some of his social media work for Scholfield Honda and the Field Station: Dinosaurs park in Derby – including promoting the T-Rex replica named Ruth who’s menacing Intrust Bank Arena, site of NCAA tournament games this week.

“In fact, she’s going to be making some bracket picks in the next couple of days,” he said.

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