Getting to know: Shae Blevins

Shae Blevins
Shae Blevins Courtesy photo


Digital strategist, Greteman Group

Blevins enjoys helping deliver clients’ messages in the digital world. And she may like measuring how they’re received even more.

“It’s really creepy,” she jokes. “I enjoy following random strangers online.”

Blevins, 29, grew up in Valley Center. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wichita State University. While still in graduate school, she did some of the market research that led to Fidelity Bank’s “Bravely Onward” campaign. She also worked in social and digital media for Cessna Aircraft during its transition into Textron Aviation, then joined “the agency world” with a stint at Copp Media Services.

She started at Greteman this month. Although she enjoys writing in her spare time, Blevins is on the “techie” rather than creative side of work there, which means managing social media and optimizing websites for search engines.

Blevins and her husband have a son, Henry, who’s seven months old. When not taking care of him, she said, “I really like a good IPA or cup of coffee.”

Joe Stumpe