Kansas in Top 10 of workers not taking all their vacation

Top 10 states with the most unused vacation
Top 10 states with the most unused vacation Courtesy photo

Wondering whether to take some vacation time? If you live in Kansas, you have company.

According to a new report, 64 percent of Kansas workers leave vacation days on the table. The state ranks ninth for most unused vacation days.

If Kansas workers did use the 5.8 million vacation days they’re currently skipping, it would generate $529 million in direct spending.

The report “Under-Vacationed America” found that Americans overall are taking more vacation, at an average of 16.8 days per year. Despite that, 54 percent of Americans didn’t use all their vacation time last year — time that could have generated $128 billion in direct spending and an overall impact of $236 billion for the U.S. economy.

Idaho topped the list of “no vacation states,” with 78 percent of its workers failing to use all their time in 2016. On the other end of the spectrum is Maine, where all but 38 percent of its workers used their vacation time.

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