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Sam Foreman of Fleeson Gooing
Sam Foreman of Fleeson Gooing

A brief overview of what’s happening in Wichita’s technology community, what’s coming up, and how to stay informed and connected.

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Knoxx continues to put in motion its hire local challenge. The challenge is focused on retaining local talent by engaging community partners, highlighting local talent and connecting local talent with employers in innovative ways. Knoxx, a participant in the first e2e Accelerator class, provides a platform that delivers innovative ways for talent to be seen, heard and evaluated using video and other tools that improve upon the resume-based hiring experience.

Grit pitched its business to a full house at 1 Million Cups. Grit will leverage virtual reality renderings to introduce critical cost and time efficiencies and customization effectiveness into the construction process.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced it will have a location at Wichita State University's Innovation Campus. Hexagon works with its customers to create disruptive technologies and life-changing products. It specializes in automated measuring and testing equipment for products in high tech industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical. The Innovation Campus continues to develop as a hub for experiential learning opportunities for students.

Lawn Buddy received a JumpStart Kansas award from Wichita State University. Lawn Buddy provides a mobile app that connects providers and consumers of four-season lawn care on demand. Other winners included Chem-Blade, Elevated Health Systems Mobile Health Link and Vytal.

Vytal founders Jared Goering and Spencer Steinert, freshmen at Wichita State University, have started developing Dino, a business focused on teaching children the technology skills of the future. The business will be based around a modular, wearable product.

KingFit launched its startup vlog to share its story and help others engage with the startup experience. KingFit will provide a mobile app that will initially connect those with diabetes and at high risk of diabetes with health educators and key health resources.

Visibility Optics received its first prototype of its own custom line of eyewear. Visibility Optics, a recent graduate of the e2e Accelerator, uses technology to aid consumers in finding frames that better fit their faces, and a business model that helps local vision care providers compete against online eyewear platforms.

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Sam Foreman, an advocate for entrepreneurship, tech and inclusion, is an attorney at Fleeson Gooing. Contact him at and @wichisam on Twitter.