Boot Hill casino management company wins verdict against Bally Gaming

Boot Hill Casino’s construction and management companies last week won a $1.4 million verdict against its computer software contractor Bally Gaming.

Butler National’s subsidiaries BHMC LLC and BHC LLC said in the suit that the computer software caused the Dodge City-based casino to be out of compliance with Kansas law and company internal accounting controls, despite working with Bally for 15 months in an effort to correct flaws in the software.

Among other issues, the system was supposed to expire player reward points after 13 months of player inactivity. Instead, it expired all player reward points that were more than 13 months old. And the system failed to produce reports of complimentary services.

Butler National ultimately replaced the system, according to the company.

A countersuit by Bally for breach of contract was rejected by the jury. The verdict could be appealed.