Chautauqua County beekeeper to lead national organization

Tim Tucker, a Chautauqua County resident, has been selected to lead the American Beekeeping Federation, a national group of about 1,000 that provides promotion and education, as well as support for efforts to maintain healthy populations of honeybees.

The federation recently named its new officers at the North American Beekeeping Conference in Baton Rouge, La..

Tucker, who lives near Niotaze, will serve a two-year term. He has been active in the organization for several years, and has been on the board of directors more than 10 years.

Tucker also has served the Kansas Honey Producers Association as president for several years, and he’s worked on the National Honey Bee Advisory Board for two years.

A beekeeper for 23 years, he distributes Tuckerbee’s honey to stores in Kansas and Oklahoma.