Most dangerous workplace in Kansas? The road

What’s the most dangerous jobs in Kansas?

It’s not facing down panicky cattle, angry tenants or desperate criminals.

It’s driving in traffic.

The most dangerous job in Kansas in 2012, according to the Kansas Department of Labor’s annual Workplace Non-fatal Injuries and Illnesses report, is as a courier or messenger.

The report is based on workers compensation claims for the year, and it does not include farms and ranches with fewer than 11 employees.

According to the survey, there were 10.2 injuries or illnesses per 100 couriers and messengers.

The data reflect national statistics show that for many years, traffic accidents account for the single largest segment of workers compensation claims in the U.S.

Other top professions for injuries and illnesses last year, with seven or more injuries per 100 workers, were metal refining workers, furniture manufacturing workers, ranchers, nursing and residential care workers, and those who work with nonfinancial intangible assets, such as logos.