Winter Bazaar set for Dec. 8 at Century II

WICHITA — Former OnionTree owner Bridgit Yinger is planning another Winter Bazaar for December, and she thinks it'll be so big, she's moving it to Century II.

Yinger held her first bazaar to promote handmade goods in 2011 at Abode Venue to make it convenient for shoppers and "eliminate the barriers that buying locally intrinsically has."

"It was pretty much a line out the door from the moment we opened," she says.

There was an issue with enough room for shoppers to move, so Yinger says Century II makes sense.

The event will be from 3 to 7 p.m. – one hour longer than last time – on Dec. 8.

This year, Yinger is inviting local boutiques to participate in addition to people who make their own items to sell.

"I'm just looking for boutiques that have a local flair," Yinger says.

She had 60 local vendors last time and hopes for 75 to 100 this time.

Yinger plans to transform the space.

"It's not going to feel at all like a convention hall."

As before, Yinger plans a cash bar, live music and local art. There also will be food trucks in Kennedy Plaza.

"So it'll be a party," she says. "It'll be fun."