Better Business Bureau warns of health insurance scams

The Better Business Bureau is warning of an increase in scams related to the Affordable Care Act.

The organization said in a news release Friday that with the medical insurance exchanges set to open on Oct. 1, scammers appear to be using the event to steal consumers’ identities and money.

“Scammers are already making calls to consumers, masquerading as government representatives, in an effort to gather sensitive financial and personal information,” said Jim Hegarty, BBB president and CEO, in the release. “Consumers who receive such calls should ignore them. If you provide information, it could be used to steal your identity or to access your accounts.”

The BBB serving Nebraska, South Dakota, the Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa said in the release that at least one resident in the region had been targeted by such a scam.

The organization advises people to refuse to give any personal information such as bank account, Social Security number and other sensitive information.

It added that government officials rarely contact people by phone.

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