George David and Bud Palmer hope third time's the charm for selling 10 acres

WICHITA – George David and Bud Palmer are hoping the third time is the charm for 10 acres of land they're trying to sell in the 300 block of West 29th Street North across from the Cortez Mexican Restaurant.

Palmer has owned the property for 10 years and was going to donate the land for a church, but the diocese couldn't raise the money to build.

Then he and David partnered on the land through their David and Palmer Properties and thought they had a deal to sell to a retirement village. That also didn't work out because the retirement business lost its funding.

"We're looking for the third deal to slam dunk this thing," David says.

He put a sale sign up on the property for the first time this week, and David thinks it should attract interest.

"Where do you find 10 acres in the city of Wichita in one place?"

David says the property is "kind of eating up a bunch of time" and he wants to be done with it.

"This has got to be the deal, whatever the third deal is."