Cessna media team forms own business

A group of Cessna Aircraft photographers, videographers and graphic designers who were part of the company’s visual media department have left Cessna and formed their own business, Visual Media Group.

Visual Media Group is headed by Lindon Bontz, president, and Ron Mann, CEO. Mann is the former owner of Wichita-based Airtechnics.

Team members who work as freelancers for Visual Media Group include Tina Biles and Joe Landwehr, graphic artists; Junebug Clark, Dan Moore and Jeff Hetler, photographers; Ricardo Reitmeyer, photographer and Photoshop artist; and David Wolfe, director of video.

In May, group members accepted Cessna’s offers of voluntary retirement packages to salaried and hourly employees as the company worked to cut costs.

“This award-winning group of creatives is recognized throughout the global aviation industry for their work in helping to create and implement compelling visual marketing strategies,” Mann said in a statement.

At Cessna, they created air-to-air images for the covers of leading trade magazines, supported product launches, trade shows, delivery ceremonies and other activities.

“Our team has played an important role in campaigns and events on an international scale,” Bontz said.

The newly formed Visual Media Group offers graphics, photography, video, Web design and production services.

“We’re not an ad agency, but we see ourselves as a creative resource,” Bontz said.

While the company specializes in aviation, it’s also broadened its customer base to include non-aviation clients.

Current customers include Cessna, Kansas Aviation Corp., Mann Aviation, Wichita Aero Club, Wichita Airport Authority, Yingling Aviation, Grand Mesa Motorsports and The LBD Etc.

The firm will have two photographers and a videographer at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis., from Monday to Wednesday to help clients with photography needs at news conferences, delivery ceremonies, forums, air-show performances and other events, Bontz said.