Commercial building permits (July 18)

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Dream Life homes, 12618 W. Hardtner Circle, $167,697, house.

The Gardens, 3246 S. Wichita, buildings: $218,000, $486,000, Accel Construction.

Kohl’s, 6900 W. Kellogg, $19,000, alteration, Engineered Structures.

Paul Gray Homes, 2609 N. Davin, $146,252, house.

Prairie Construction, 15607 E. Hazel Nut Circle, $156,883, house.

Wal-Mart, 11411 E. Kellogg, $500,000, renovation, Key Construction.

Warren Homes, houses: 2610 N. Davin, $156,825, 2763 N. Woodridge Court, $149,735.