Featured business person: Erica Plummer

Erica Plummer

Senior associate, Kennedy and Coe

Plummer is glad to be working again in Wichita and with clients of Kennedy and Coe, an accounting and consulting firm.

She'd spent the last couple years working as an analyst on internal company matters for Beechcraft and then Agco in Hesston.

"I'm really happy to be back on the client side," Plummer said, admitting she also won't miss the commute to and from Hesston. "I enjoyed being on the company side, to get insight on the company side, but I really like the client side, I really enjoy helping them in the operations of their company."

Plummer grew up in Wichita, earned an undergraduate degree business management and organizational development from Tabor College and then her MBA from Southwestern College.

While taking operations management classes at Tabor, she discovered that "I like to get in and basically help folks improve everything. I do a lot of process improvements. I like to make life easier for everybody, not make more work for everybody."

She spent a decade working for IMA Financial Group, helping qualify contractors for bonds.

Outside work, Plummer is involved with the YMCA and the National Association of Women in Construction. She enjoys spending time with her son, who's 10, and daughter, 7.

"He plays baseball year round," she said of her son, "so we go to a lot of games."

Joe Stumpe