Land owners seek transfer of ownership of downtown building

Some of the owners of the land beneath 150 N. Main in downtown Wichita are seeking ownership of the building to pay unpaid bills.

The building was purchased in 2008 by DGL Investments, which is associated with Minnesota developers David Lundberg and Michael Elzufon.

The land beneath the building had been divided since 1948 into shares and owned separately. The building’s owners have always leased the land from these owners.

These land owners, mostly small-time investors plus Bank of America, contend in the suit that Lundberg and Elzufon, and their property management company, Real Development, failed to pay the leaseholders or the taxes on the building.

They are seeking to terminate the lease and transfer of ownership of the building to them.

According to the suit, the land lease holders are owed $750 per month.

One of Lundberg and Elzufon’s associates and investors, Joseph Moosally, owes about $9,000 in 2012 taxes on the property, according to the Sedgwick County Treasurer’s Office.