Featured business person: John DeCesaro

Marketing has been DeCesaro's chosen career since his sophomore year of high school, and even a stint working around movie theaters — movies are another passion — couldn't convince him otherwise.

“I went through the Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas program at Campus (High School),” DeCesaro said. “Part of that is developing a business plan, and part of that is a marketing component, from the logo, to messaging, to the sales side of it. Honestly, since then I kind of knew marketing was the way I wanted to go.”

DeCesaro, 32, worked for Warren Theatres from the age of 16 until his graduation from Wichita State University, moving up from selling popcorn and tickets to serving as co-manager of the East 13th Street location.

“I've always had a passion for movies,” he said, listing the 1999 ensemble “Magnolia” as his favorite.

After college, DeCesaro worked for the nonprofit Starkey, Inc. for three years, marketing employment programs and helping with fundraising and communications. He then worked for Armstrong Shank — now Armstrong Chamberlin — for more than six years, moving up from account executive to strategic brand manager and focusing on digital marketing.

DeCesaro said he moved to Fidelity, where he started last week, partly because he admires its Bravely Onward marketing campaign.

“I have a lot of respect for them as being a really strong community member,” he said.

DeCesaro and his wife, Kelley, have a daughter, Stella, who's 3. He enjoys reading, spots and outdoor grilling. Kelley works in marketing for Star Lumber “so we get to swap a lot of stories,” DeCesaro said.

Joe Stumpe