Building technology engineers working on community projects

Members of the Wichita chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers are working on a couple of community projects.

The group began installation Wednesday of a high-efficiency variable refrigerant system at the Church of the Resurrection in Bel Aire.

Miller, president of the chapter and an engineer with Knipp Equipment, said the system was installed in 1998, but never worked correctly.

The front third of the church didn’t get any air circulation at all, he said. “They’d be sweating like crazy.”

The engineering was donated by Dwayne Vaughn, Phil Voegeli, Miller and Audra Relph. Architectural work was donated by Mike Decker. Construction is being donated by 3R Mechanical and Shelley Electric. The cooling system and associated equipment is being donated by Knipp Equipment, Heaven Engineering, O’Connor Co. The ASHRAE-Wichita Chapter is donating $1,000.

The second project is renovating a building in North Riverside Park built in 1920 as the Fresh Air Baby Camp, but for decades was called the Girl Scouts Little House.

The building was constructed for mothers to bring their newborn children to get away from the hospital environment and get some fresh air. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A community group, the Friends of the Historic Fresh Air Baby Camp, is in the midst of a campaign to raise $65,000 to restore the roof and renovate the building.

When completed, the city will use it as a community building.

The chapter has the planning and high-efficiency equipment in place, he said, but needs mechanical and electrical contractors to volunteer to install it.

Claire Willenberg, president of the Friends group, said they really appreciated the help of the HVAC engineers.

“We are really excited about the help they are providing,” she said. “When we get done, we will be able to use it as an example of a green building.”

The engineering was donated by Vaughn, Voegeli, Miller and Richard Bowman. Architectural work was donated by Mike Seiwert. The variable refrigerant system and related equipment will be donated by Building Controls & Services, J.M. O’Connor and Hajoca. The local chapter will donate $1,000.