Cerebral Palsy foundation surpasses fundraising goal for its wheelchair clinic

A clinic that custom-builds wheelchairs is moving ahead with its expansion plans after the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas exceeded its goal of $605,000 by raising $613,260.

In a news release Tuesday, the foundation said funds will be used to expand and modernize its wheelchair seating clinic.

At the Daniel M. Carney Rehabilitation Engineering Center, wheelchairs are custom-made for each client. The process involves such steps as conducting evaluations, determining levels of activity and molding each chair's seat to fit the user.

Because the personalized approach takes time, the news release stated, the foundation wanted to make sure the clients and their families or friends were comfortable while waiting. So the expansion will include a spacious waiting area for the person receiving services and their families to interact and relax in a non-restrictive space. The family area also will have recliners, a big-screen television (complete with a gaming system), computers with Internet access, a kitchenette and more.

The Carney Center is one of four seating providers used by Medicaid recipients younger than 21, and one of two clinics available to Medicaid recipients older than 21. More than 700 people with disabilities from more than 80 counties across Kansas receive services each year from the Carney Center, making it the largest volume outlet for customized wheelchairs in the state, according to the foundation.