"Shipping Wars" features 'Til We Meet Again

WICHITA — More than a year after filming, "Shipping Wars" aired footage of 'Til We Meet Again shipping a custom casket on Jan. 16.

Nathan Smith says he and business partner Traci Smith-Cone weren't allowed to publicize the A&E show's air date, but the episode will replay on Feb. 3.

Smith says the show shot more than three hours of footage but used only a minute and a half.

"It was a lot of fun doing it.”

The show didn't use the 'Til We Meet Again name, but it mentioned Smith and Wichita, so people have found the store.

"We've had so many calls about it already," he says. "You can't pay for advertisement like that."

It's given Smith-Cone an opportunity to tease Smith, too.

"She's said it's always frightening to see me at 52 inches."