Featured business person: Debbie Bratton

Debbie Bratton

Human resources director, Grene Vision Group

Bratton studied criminal justice at Wichita State University and went to work for the Kansas Department of Corrections facility in El Dorado as soon as she turned 21.

After years of working with offenders and moving into management, Bratton was looking for something different.

“I felt a passion to work with the employees more than the offenders,” she said. “For the last 10 years my focus was more with employee development, hiring and those things.”

At Grene Vision Group, she will handle the same duties for a company with about 325 employees, making it one of the largest doctor-owned eye-care groups in the country. Bratton, 41, who’s originally from Osawatomie, started there Sept. 4.

“This opportunity presented itself,” she said. “I wasn’t really looking, but it seemed like a new challenge, and exciting, so I took the leap.”

Bratton said there are a lot of differences between her two most recent employers, and not just because most of the people at the former were incarcerated.

“This is different from state government, for sure. Obviously the political aspect isn’t there. This is a business based on the success of the company versus the correctional facility was more focused on rehabilitation.”

Off the job, Bratton enjoys golfing, bicycling, gardening and “anything outside.”

Joe Stumpe