Former Abe's Steakhouse site on West 29th Street North to go on the market

WICHITA — Now that the former Abe's Steakhouse at 1044 W. 29th St. North has been demolished, passersby are wondering what may take its place.

La Galette owner Tony Abdayem owns the property, where in 2001 he briefly revived the once-popular restaurant as Uncle Abe's Steakhouse.

"I'm trying to sell it first," Abdayem says of the 2 1/2 acres.

He doesn't have it listed yet, but Abdayem plans to ask for $160,000.

If he can't find a buyer, he says apartments are a possibility.

"This is my last option," Abdayem says of a possible 24-unit or 36-unit complex.

"If I sell it, it'll be better off for me."