Warren Theatre installs huge new IMAX 3-D screen

It really is a silver screen.

More than 50 people were on hand at the west-side Warren Theatre in Wichita on Tuesday morning to raise a new 3-D silver IMAX screen.

The silver-coated screen, spanning 90 feet wide and reaching more than six stories high, is one continuous piece of fabric.

The screen is the latest in technology and will improve the quality of the IMAX picture, making it sharper and brighter, said Ken Crockett, corporate vice president of Warren Theatres.

Raising the screen was an intense endeavor.

Any snag or tear in the fabric would have ruined the $90,000 screen.

“You can’t patch them,” Crockett said.

The IMAX theater was closed Tuesday, but Crockett hopes to have the screen operational on Wednesday.

The old screen was removed on Monday. The IMAX at the Warren Theatre at 21st and Tyler in west Wichita opened in December 2010, and according to Warren officials, it’s among the top grossing IMAX theaters in the country.

The new screen is the largest digital screen made for IMAX theaters, officials said.

To install it, workers climbed scaffolding to hoist the screen into place, while others on the floor made sure the fabric didn’t catch on anything.

Then, they planned to smooth and adjust the screen, and finally, they planned to test it before the IMAX theater reopens on Wednesday.