Cessna: Citation Ten fastest civil aircraft in the world

Cessna Aircraft’s Citation Ten reached a maximum speed of Mach .935, or 711 mph, during a recent test flight, the company said, giving it prominence as the “fastest civil aircraft in the world.”

Cessna announced the speed record with its partner, Chip Ganassi Racing Team and owner, Chip Ganassi, at the GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma, on Friday.

Cessna and Chip Ganassi Racing Teams formed an associate sponsorship, which gives Cessna a presence on all four of Ganassi’s race cars, the company said.

“As our founder Clyde Cessna said, ‘speed is the only reason for flying,’” Scott Ernest, Cessna president and CEO, said in a statement. “So at Cessna we design, engineer, manufacture and fly the fastest aircraft in the world.”

The long-range Citation Ten, a medium-size business jet, was announced in 2010 as a larger, more advanced version of the Citation X.

First flight of the Citation Ten took place in January, with certification and first deliveries expected next year.

The Citation X won a Collier award in 1996 for being the first commercial aircraft in U.S. aviation history to achieve a cruising speed of Mach .92.