Augusta Municipal Airport to add condos

Lloyd Partin of the Augusta Municipal Airport, which is going to be getting new private hangar condos.WICHITA — When Lloyd Partin took over as manager of the Augusta Municipal Airport a year ago, he says there were 20 open T-hangars and space in the main community hangar.

That's changed.

"Everything's full," Partin says.

Partin is working with Michael Dunn of the Denver-based Airport Development Group to build private hangar condos at the airport.

He decided to do it after querying the local market to see if he should add more hangars.

"We sent out feelers essentially to see if there is pent-up demand," Partin says. "We got a pretty good response back from people saying, yeah, we're pretty interested."

First, Partin considered having the airport build more hangars in addition to its 70 T-hangars and community hangar.

"That's something we've been beating our head on the wall looking at," Partin says.

He says the expense is too great.

Private condos make sense, Partin says, but he says there's been a misperception about the ability for private development at the airport.

"I don't know how that got miscommunicated over the years, but that's what we're hearing," he says. "That's the farthest thing from the truth there is."