Imaging Office Systems leaves Old Town for the west side

WICHITA — In January, a representative of Imaging Office Systems first confirmed the company would be making a "space correction" and leaving its Old Town office.

"We are moving out of here – finally," says regional sales manager Barry Carr.

The company is in the process of leaving its 9,800 square feet at 201 N. Mead for 6,000 square feet at 7222 Northwind St., which is near 37th Street and Ridge Road.

"It really boils down to space efficiency and rent control," Carr says. He calls Old Town, where the company has been for 10 years, "a high-rent district."

Imaging Office Systems is an Indiana-based company that does document management, including conversion from paper to digital, and workflow process design and implementation and business process outsourcing.

At one time, Carr says, the company needed more room for employees.

"Now we do a lot more virtual officing," he says.

Carr says the lab for conversion services and document storage is growing and needs reconfiguring, which is part of the reason for the move.

Currently, the Wichita Imaging Office Systems office has 127 employees, but Carr says he'll soon need more lab personnel.

"It looks like we'll probably be hiring here in the next couple of months."