Wichita's Elsea & Petty Home Owners Association Management sells to Indiana-based OMNI Management Services

WICHITA –Earlier this month, when Have You Heard? asked Joel Elsea of Elsea & Petty Home Owners Association Management if he’d sold his business, he said: “There are days when I wish I could say that's the case. Unfortunately, today's not one of them."

Today, however, is.

“Well, I have sold,” Elsea says.

Indianapolis-based OMNI Management Services purchased the company, which Elsea and Heather Petty founded in 2006.

“We’re keeping the same staff, and we’re keeping the same location,” Elsea says. “We’re operating basically the same we were.”

Elsea & Petty manages about 5,500 properties. OMNI operates in 13 states and 19 markets.

“They’re at a point where I always hoped we’d be some day,” Elsea says. “They manage communities that one community is twice the size of our entire portfolio. They just do things on a bigger scale, and they have more experience.”

Elsea says it will take several months to implement OMNI’s technologies “to help us be more effective.”

“I just feel like this is the next step in our evolution, and I’m glad to be associated with them and get to the next level.”

Elsea is going to take the summer off and then return to the company, though he’s not sure in what capacity yet.

“I need to let my nerve endings heal a little bit.”