Aspen Traders to open in Colorado

WICHITA — Monica and James Smits are bringing back their Aspen Traders name, but not for their Wichita store.

The two, who own Aspen Boutique in Wichita, are opening a new store in Leadville, Colo. That’s about 30 minutes from Vail.

"We're going to open a summer boutique," James Smits says. "So it'll be open from Memorial Day until Labor Day."

So is it an excuse to have a great summer vacation home?


Actually, the Smits both are from Colorado.

"As our families have aged, we've kind of wanted to be a little closer, and it just puts us a little closer for the summer," Smits says. "And it's kind of a creative challenge."

He calls it a "tremendous" tourist area.

"It's a genuine old mining town dating back to the 1880s," Smits says. "What they call a boomtown. It was actually the most prosperous mining town in Colorado."

Their building, which is on the main street through town, was built in that era.

"It's really quite cute," Smits says.