Delano Gallery of Fine Arts opens in June

WICHITA — Brent Miller is planning the new Delano Gallery of Fine Arts at the Delano Bed & Breakfast he and his wife, Becky, opened last year.

Miller previously owned Evo Gallery in Old Town in the 1990s and has the distinction of naming Final Friday years ago. He plans to use the gallery crawl for public openings. In fact, the gallery will open on Final Friday in June. Otherwise, it’s by appointment only except for an occasional special event.

"I'm really kind of narrowing it down to focusing in on buyers, and the way you do that is limit access," Miller says. "Really in a town of this size if you restrict the access, you actually increase the interest."

On the ground floor, Miller will showcase more traditional landscape art. Upstairs, he'll feature more contemporary art.

Miller says he wants visitors to see the art with furniture so they can visualize what it would look like in their own homes.

He says he's doing the gallery "to represent artists locally and sell the work." He'll feature some regional artists as well.

Showcasing the bed and breakfast is a nice side benefit, too, Miller says.

"That is definitely a component of it."