City closes 9-level parking garage at Market and William

WICHITA — As of 4 p.m. Friday, the 9-level parking garage at the southwest corner of Market and William, which several buildings in the area use, will no longer be available.

"We are having the building closed for some structural concerns that we have about the facility," says Rick Stubbs, co-assistant director of the city's central inspection department.

He says two engineering reports say the building has "severe structural problems."

Stubbs says the city has been talking to the garage's owners – all of whom are from outside of Wichita – about the issues for several years.

There are barricades on some of the sidewalks around the garage, which Stubbs says are a safeguard even though there aren't immediate safety concerns.

"They're overdoing it just a little bit to protect the public," says property manager Joe Young. "It's not going to come crashing down or anything. We go in there on a weekly basis and just look for soft spots on the concrete and take them down."

The structure, which is a former Macy's parking garage, was built in 1966.

Young says it will cost at least $1 million to fix, but he says it most likely will be more than that.