Club Billiards changes hands

WICHITA — By Monday, Steve Yager says he'll be the new owner of Club Billiards in Delano.

"Oh, yeah, everybody's coming in really thanking me and everything else for keeping it open," he says. "It's the last old-time tavern in Wichita."

Yager, who retired from a sales career five years ago, can't say how long the bar has been open at 925 W. Douglas.

"Well, you know the building's been here for over 100 years," he says. "I've been coming here for 40 years."

Yager may tweak the hours some, and he's already updated the heating and air along with the kitchen. He says he won't make any radical changes, though, because he doesn't want to upset the regulars.

"It's a daytime place for all the retirees and old farts that come in, and I'm one of them."