Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas awards scholarships, grants

Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas was set to hold its awards night Wednesday at Abode Venue, handing out scholarships and grants to high school students in the region.

YEK is a nonprofit group that teaches entrepreneurship and business fundamentals to students.

According to information provided before the event, the students who were to receive scholarships were:

•  Kelci Glover, Northwest High School; Meritrust Credit Union Scholarship, $1,000

•  Brandon Norman, Campus; Shelter Insurance Scholarship, $1,000

•  Ryan Schrader, Andover Central; WSU Barton School of Business, $1,000

•  Jueng Cho, East; WSU Center for Entrepreneurship, $1,000

•  Devontae Edwards, Heights; Katie Schuckman, South; WATC, $1,000

•  Isrrael Garcia, South; Washburn University, $1,000

•  Maisie Pryce, Newton; Friends University, $5,000

•  Cassoday Harder, Newton; Kendall Schmidt, Newton; Ellis Foundation, $8,000

•  Quang Nguyen, Campus; Holly Hottinger, Winfield; H&R Block Scholarship, $1,000

•  Emma Brown, Augusta; Youth Entrepreneurs Joint Venture Scholarship, $8,000

•  Emily Arnold, North; Taylor Brockus, South; Caroline Casey, Northwest; Kelsey Dick, Andover; Wendy Gong, Newton; Sammy Sporleder, Campus; Alex Wespi, Northwest; Youth Entrepreneurs Emerging Leader Scholarship, $2,500

•  Hadaza Amposta, Campus; David Auer, Kapaun Mount Carmel; Emily Bengston, Kapaun Mount Carmel; Jordan Haas, Andover; Vincent Melon, Northwest; Joshua Yonkin, Andover; Youth Entrepreneurs Founder Scholarships, $1,000.

Business Plan Competition Winners Awards were also scheduled to be given as the culmination of part of regional business plan competitions.

Winners received $1,000, second place $750, and third place $500. The final competition is in Wichita on May 31.

Winners, in order of first, second and third, were:

•  Wichita Region 1: Spencer Mathiasen, North; Shelbi Ware, Heights; Justice Kerr, North

•  Wichita Region 2: Brandon Tang, Southeast; Natalie Lash, East; Courtney Carlton, South

•  South-central Region 1: Trevor Ledbetter, Andover Central; Nathan Wood, Newton; Alex Bontz, Andover Central

•  South-central Region 2: Kyle Robinson, Clearwater; Will Snyder, Clearwater; Sam Camp, Winfield

Outstanding volunteers:

•  Todd Ramsey, Apples & Arrows, East High School Business Plan Advisor

•  Britt Fulmer, Gentry Ltd., Kapaun Mount Carmel High School Business Plan Advisor

Teachers of the Year:

•  Brandon Reith, East High School

•  Lisa Yoder, Newton High School