Car sales on the rise

Having just purchased a nice used car, I found this report on car sales interesting from the Baltimore Sun.

Like the consumers described by the Sun, I gritted my teeth and put my longtime lusting for a Toyota Tacoma pickup – and its horrific 19 mpg – to the side and purchased a Corolla instead. It was a clear “no confidence” vote in the future of gas prices, not to mention the off chance that someone in D.C. might actually decide that Wall Street oil speculation is bad for America. The Corolla is utilitarian bland … and it makes 40 mpg. A person can stand a whole lot of utilitarian bland at 40 mpg.

During the purchasing process, I noticed a few things: Credit is easier to obtain, depending on who you seek it from. And if you’ve got big bucks, the “heavy metal” will be very easy to obtain. Nothing but big pickups, giant SUVs, Jeeps, etc. on most of the lots in the area.

Sadly, dealers were in a mood as bland as the Corolla. None of my beloved high pressure “what is it going to take to put you in this unit today?” stuff, the usual trigger for my contrarian nature and a huge argument. I yearn for those good old days of yore.

Nonetheless, it can only be good economic news for car sales to be on the rise, given that many of them now pack roughly the same price as an entry-level house.