Professional Engineering Consultants opens Oklahoma City office

UPDATED — Professional Engineering Consultants has opened its sixth office, this time in south Oklahoma City at 10017 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

“We have a lot of existing clients really throughout Oklahoma,” says spokeswoman Denice Bruce. “We’re hoping to build on that clientele . . . and expand into other client areas as well.”

PEC also has a Tulsa office.

“We have historically done a lot of work for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation . . . and we’re working on several projects for them right now,” Bruce says.

The Oklahoma City office has two engineers and a technician for now.

“Again, the idea is to obviously expand as the clientele expands,” Bruce says.

PEC also has offices in Pittsburg, Topeka and Lawrence. The majority of its 250 employees are in its Wichita office.

Bruce says while the company has long-range plans, there are no immediate deals for other new space.

“We always have our eye open for new markets and new opportunities.”