Dondlinger family is buying the former White's Foodliner building in Goddard

WICHITA — The Dondlinger family is buying the former White’s Foodliner building in Goddard.

The grocery at 199th and U.S. 54 closed earlier this year.

The 22,000-square-foot building was auctioned Tuesday.

“We were the successful bidder,” says Raymond Dondlinger, who is in operations and business development at Dondlinger Construction.

There’s no contract yet, and Dondlinger isn’t disclosing the family’s bid.

He wants to wait until the deal closes before sharing plans for the space.

“I want to make sure everything’s finalized.”

White’s Foodliner had been in the space for 11 years.

In February, when Have You Heard? reported the store would be closing, owner Pat White said: “It's just tough for independents in this market in this day and age to be there with the big boys moving in closer and closer.”

His four other Foodliners remain open.