Truck drivers sue company that hauls for Dillons

More than two dozen local truck drivers are suing a Dallas trucking company that carries groceries for Dillon Stores.

In the suit, which was moved to federal court in Wichita last week, the drivers contend that Titus Transportation and several related companies are deducting something called “9x insurance” from the drivers’ pay without sufficient explanation. The drivers’ Hutchinson attorney, Ethan Kaplan, said the company deducts $67 for the insurance and another $6 for additional state personal property tax from each paycheck. The problem, he said, is that none of the drivers have seen the actual insurance policy, what it covers and why they have to have it.

Twice, Kaplan said, attorneys representing the truckers have sent letters to Titus seeking answers to their questions and a look at the policy, but got no response. The drivers haul groceries for Dillons, Kaplan said.

“They have politely requested a copy of the policy and never been given anything,” he said.

It was not part of the original contract, he said. The drivers can’t tell if the charges are proper or not.

Kenneth Hoffman, who is representing Titus said he had no comment on the specifics of the suit, but said that it is without merit.

“We disagree with the plaintiffs and will defend the case strongly,” he said. “They don’t have any claims that will withstand the court’s scrutiny.”

The lawsuit was originally filed in Reno County District Court in September.