Wage survey compares your earnings to others in Wichita area

How does your salary compare?

The average wage among all 495 job categories of workers in the Wichita area last year was $39,560, according to the state's 2011 Annual Wage Survey.

But the variation is huge. At the top are doctors and other health care professionals, who fill eight of the top 10 spots with average salaries from $108,000 to well over $250,000.

The bottom 10 are filled with a variety of restaurant workers, plus bartenders, ticket-takers, lifeguards and locker-room attendants. The average wage for these jobs ranged from $17,000 to $18,000 a year.

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The state cautioned that the survey doesn't capture wages for every job accurately, especially if the numbers are small, because of confidentially and technical issues.

There were few surprises in the survey. Doctors and other health care professionals captured the top spots, along with corporate chief executives at $138,000 and judges at $131,000.

Lawyers came in 17th in average wages, at $96,000, below a variety of engineers, corporate managers and college science professors.

Top pay went to a variety of corporate managers and engineers. Aviation engineers averaged $91,000.