Health and Wellness Coalition honors IMA, Cessna, Meritrust

IMA of Kansas, Cessna Aircraft Co. and Meritrust Credit Union were named the 2011 Working Well Award Recipients by the Health and Wellness Coalition of Wichita.

The program recognizes outstanding employers in the local market who demonstrate extraordinary success in providing a supportive and rewarding environment for their employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.

IMA of Kansas and Cessna were selected for their extensive range of program services and employee engagement, a high level of CEO support and effective evaluation of their programs, according to the Health & Wellness Coalition of Wichita.

IMA employees receive reduced health insurance premiums based on their participation in wellness offerings.

Cessna provides free quarterly onsite screenings for employees and v various onsite activities.

Meritrust Credit Union was honored because of its innovative approach in incorporating health promotion practices in multiple locations.

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