Squeezer's Palace is gone before it's ever back, but a newly named "goody shack" will take its place

WICHITA — Feelings of 1970s peace and love are part of what inspired Kirk David to reopen Squeezer's Palace, but less-than-happy feelings on the part of the former Squeezer's owner are causing David to change the name.

"When I first thought of this, for me it was a distant memory," David says of reopening the Riverside "goody shack.”

"I even wondered if anybody would remember it."

He checked and found there were no claims to the name. David then intended to try to contact the original Squeezer's owner, but Have You Heard? called first and publicized the story.

Squeezer's Palace founder Edgar "Buddy" Curry isn't pleased.

"It seems wrong," says Curry, an investor still living in Wichita. "It's going to be disappointing for people who expect it to be Squeezer's Palace because it probably isn't going to be."