First two Wichita Mooyah sites should be open by late fall

WICHITA — In January, Have You Heard? reported that a Mooyah franchisee, who didn't want to be named yet, is looking to bring seven of the hamburger restaurants to Wichita.

Now, the franchisee is talking, and he doesn't mind sharing his name or his plans.

Twin Peaks franchisee Rusty Rathbun and his five Wichita partners, who do business under the name Le Grande Tetons, have a second company called the Udder Group to develop Mooyah sites.

The Dallas-based chain sells third-pound hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs and shakes among other things. It also bakes fresh buns daily.

"We are moving ahead," Rathbun says. "Moooving ahead."

He says he hoped to start with two Wichita sites but may wind up with three.

"I may have to take three to get two," he says of a deal with one potential landlord.

He and his partners initially planned to be the franchisees for each site, and they may still run one, but now they're looking for franchisees for the other potential Mooyahs so they can keep their focus on Twin Peaks.