Cupcakes and Pearls to open at Reed's Cove Plaza in July

WICHITA — Cupcakes continue to be a popular trend, and consignment stores continue to pop up all over Wichita.

What do they have in common?

Lori Chrisman plans both at her new Cupcakes and Pearls.

"Basically, it's kind of two things wrapped into one," she says.

The store will open in early July just down from Knolla's Pizza at Reed's Cove Plaza on East 21st Street near 127th Street East.

In the front of the store, Chrisman will have a cupcake bar, stools and tables. Eventually, she plans to sell beer and wine as well.

The back of Chrisman's shop will be the consignment space where she's hoping to sell "simple glamour."

"You know, kind of that Audrey Hepburn-type of style," she says.

That might be black dresses, pearls or other elegant basics.

Chrisman will sell men's clothing as well in "kind of our Cary Grant corner."

She's also open to selling boutique items, such as jewelry, that area residents make.

"I'd love to have those consigned as well."