Paris Air Show opens to a rainy morning

Transportation to the Le Bourget airport for the Paris Air Show, the world’s largest show, is an adventure.

It was pouring when I left the hotel at 6:30 this morning to maneuver Paris’ RER train system to the airport.

Take the “B” to St. Michel, then transfer to the “C” line, the hotel receptionist told me.

The station is a short walk from the hotel.

The first leg went well. Then the trouble began.

Two of every three trains make every stop from St. Michel to the Charles de Gaulle airport. One is a fast train. Guess which one I got on.

Of course I realized that only after I saw the Le Bourget sign whiz by and we didn’t slow down.

A few stops later, it made an interim stop. And I got off.

It was interesting trying to decide which side of the track to stand and which train to take to go the opposite direction.

Standing in the rain, I was trying to ask the advice of one man who spoke little English, when a woman walked by and told me to go to Station Five. Bless her.

From the Le Bourget stop, free shuttles go the rest of the way to the show. With all the traffic, though the bus was inching its way forward. After 30 minutes, we all got off to walk the rest of the way.

Now, the rain has stopped. The air show is underway. Life is good.