Fairchild Interiors and Design at the Waterfront to close

WICHITA — Designer Jan Colvin opened her Fairchild Interiors and Design at the Waterfront 18 months ago with retail on the bottom of her 4,200-square-foot space and design services on the top.

For a while, she's been contemplating a store in her native Augusta, too, but that's not the news she's sharing today.

"Now here's the sad story: We're closing the retail section," Colvin says of her shop. "It's just not carrying its weight."

A friend told Colvin she opened at the exact worst time because of the economy, but she was still surprised her concept of being a "purveyor of gracious living" didn't work.

"I thought it would absolutely set Wichita on its ear because we did something . . . so incredibly charming," Colvin says.

She has what she calls five vignettes of living spaces, each with its own theme, on the main floor.

"I really dove deep into the European lifestyle," Colvin says of layering pieces with history to them.